"That's what friends are for"

We're the real estate agency who are very pleased to help you. We offer you free of charge broker 
service which you can be sure our professional real estate agency service that we have been continued 
working by hearts and souls for you for 19years. 

Most of all we would like you to know, we are do sincere and very honest to each other. Kindly don't be 
worry when you contact us. We may not know what style of properties or condos or houses you look for 
exactly but EveHouse Team will always try best for you.

I do belive "Money is not everything" These words seem be easy to listen but more meaning of that. 
I am Eve, me myself i have been in 19years experiances in real estate agent. I have learnt a lot in my career
and i have passed in many situations that was very hard. I learn from people. I found majority people are 
nice in many different ways. You are so..kind to me. Appreciate for you all.

We are happy to see your smiles, your happineses and meet many nice people who always keep us to be happy and to encourage us do work hard
even sometime it is so hard. We never give up if anything can be possible . We intend to do best in our jobs.

Most of all, You and us we need happinesses. 
We need to be happy! and good health! 
Keep positive thinking.
Flexible Living!
How to for give and how to forget.
Understand each other.
Be honest and sincere. 
Then... Let's bring your days.

If you look for buy, sell condos, houses, apartments, land May we help you?

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